Animal Cruelty Investigations

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Target Audience: Animal Control/Services personnel, LEO, Animal Shelter personnel, Veterinarians, District Attorney Office personnel

8:00am- 10:00am
•  Animal Crimes: Identifying Real and Live Evidence: Leigh Anne Garrard - ASPCA  
This instruction will aid investigators in responding to animal cruelty calls by covering key items commonly associated within a variety of animal related crimes.  The instruction will also discuss challenges associated with animals as evidence.

•   Report writing: Capt. Timothy Deck - Durham County Sheriff’s Office
This course encompasses topics to include case recording and note taking, how to write a successful investigative report and proofreading for accuracy and client instruction.

•   Animal fighting: Terry Mills - ASPCA
This class will cover how to identify a dog fighting or cockfighting operation and ways to investigate these cases.  It will discuss the importance of these cases as an indicator of crimes in Major Crimes law enforcement often target.

•   Components of Animal Hoarding: Leigh Anne Garrard - ASPCA
This will be an awareness level training that gives officers vital information about animal neglect in hoarding situations. This will also cover concepts and barriers for investigators to consider when handling these cases.

Course Fee:
$100 per person (non-NCAF members)
$75 per person (NCAF members)

Lunch is not provided. Instructors will have list of places to eat that are nearby.

For more information contact:
or call 336-866-9109