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Humane Animal Handling 101


Registration Fees:

$75 per person attending training
$50 for NCAF members

Pay for this class online or write checks to: NCAF

​​   (If paying by check print out this generic form and mail that along with the check)
Send application/checks to: 

 2700 Toomey Ave
 Charlotte, NC 28203

Lunch: not provided by NCAF. many food options are located near training site. a list will be provided to attendees.

This class will give students a basic knowledge of animal behavior to ready themselves for appropriate responses in the field.  The student will receive an awareness level of capture techniques that incorporate the most humane handling practices in the field today.  We will discuss many options for containment in a variety of situations officers face on a regular basis.  The focus of the program is safe, quick, and humane handling of animals by all animal welfare professionals.