​​​​​​​​Certification and Recertification for Certified Euthanasia by Injection (EBI) Training

Course Content:

  • The theory and history of euthanasia methods and practice
  • Animal anatomy
  • Proper animal restraint, handling and methods for controlling animal stress
  • Proper chemical agent dosages, record keeping and usage documentation, chemical agent, instrument and equipment storage, handling and disposal in accordance with rules and the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Proper injection techniques
  • Proper euthanasia techniques not utilizing injected chemical agents
  • Proper and accurate verification of animal death
  • Proper record keeping; NC Administrative Code 7 of 14 4/8/2009 1:27 PM
  • Proper disposal of euthanized animals
  • Stress management for euthanasia personnel
  • Proper methods and techniques of euthanasia under extraordinary circumstances
  • Proper methods, techniques and chemicals inducing anesthesia and sedation in animals prior to euthanasia
  • Proper methods, techniques and chemicals used in the practical examination section for Certified Euthanasia Technician

Additional fees for materials may be necessary 

IMPORTANT: Upon completion of this training you will need to submit the fingerprint card and criminal background check consent form in the NC Department of Agriculture application packet. The application packets will be provided at the training. Completing the training and passing the written and practical exam allows you to apply for EBI certification with the NC Department of Agriculture. Fees for fingerprinting will vary from county to county. Your local Sheriff’s Department should be able to assist you with this. A $38 processing fee is also required to be sent with the materials above. 

Detailed instructions regarding the application process will be provided at the training. 

North Carolina general statute 02 NCAC 52J .0402 states: Only a Certified Euthanasia Technician, Probationary Euthanasia Technician, or a veterinarian licensed to practice veterinary medicine in North Carolina may euthanize an animal in a certified animal shelter. To review the code, go to 


At this time registration is closed for the June 9th CET course at CMPD Animal Care & Control due to the restrictions in place in Charlotte Mecklenburg concerning the Covid-19 virus. Instead a waiting list has been set up for those interested in taking this course. Please email Eric at office@ncanimalfederation.orgto be placed on a waiting list for this class. He will be in touch with updates as to whether this course will be held or re-scheduled. 

Make sure you click "submit" so your registration is sent/counted! Then click on "pay for training".

***REQUIRED DOCUMENT MUST be filled out and emailed IN ADDITION TO the online form below in order to attend class: CET candidate checklist - fill out and email to office@ncanimalfederation.org***

Registration Fees:

EBI Certification

$200 for non-NCAF members
$175 for NCAF members

EBI Re-Certification
$125 for non-NCAF members
$100 for NCAF members

Pay for this class online (see payment options below) or write checks to: NCAF

Send form/checks to: 

 2700 Toomey Ave
 Charlotte, NC 28203

Lunch: not provided by NCAF. many food options are located near training site. a list will be provided to attendees.

***NCAF may reserve the right to cancel class, 2 weeks (prior to date) due to low attendance. 

Date: TBD